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  • WELCOME to Complete Releaf

    "Not just a dispensary, but the complete experience"

    Complete Releaf is not just a dispensary - rather, it is “the complete experience” which centralizes around health, consumer education, and providing something for everyone. We are offering an entirely new look into the industry: marijuana and beyond.

    Our knowledgeable staff strives to make sure no customer leaves our facility with empty hands or unanswered questions. Aiming to grow with the industry, the Complete Releaf team believes that with each satisfied customer we are making the world a healthier place.

CBD Menu

CBD Menu

Medical Members receive discounted prices on products. Stop by the store today and ask about our medical membership program!

Recreational Menu

Recreational Menu

O-pen disposable hash oil cartridges. Very easy to use discrete vape pen. Similar in design to an E-Cigarette just screw on the cartridge and your ready to go.

Our Specials

Our Specials

Stop by the dispensary on Monday's for 15% off all lotions, salves, patches, and CBD products. Eat your way through 15% off all edibles.

Pharmers Market

Pharmers Market Event

Join us on 8/25/2018 for our first Pharmers Market.

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